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Stop looking for a real estate agent to purchase a property in Bulgaria anymore. You have found us! We will offer you a great number of...
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Cheap Flat, Sunny Beach
A 3-bedroom apartment on auction!


Cheap Flat, Sunny Beach
A 2-bedroom apartment put to auction!


Cheap Flat, Sunny Beach
A 2-bedroom apartment put up to auction!


About us

„Bulgaria Property Services” Ltd  is a company, working mainly in the sphere of services in relation to companies and physical persons owning real estate in Bulgaria, while specializing in a number of other activities related to the residing of foreigners on the territory of the country, arranging their pleasant and safe stay and taking care of the owners’ interests during their absence from Bulgaria.

The company’s staff is made up of young, qualified, ambitious experts whose sole aim is the utmost and complete servicing of companies or physical persons-owners of properties in Bulgariaas well as the supplying of the entire service package related to the management of properties and their rental or resale.

Our company has specialists in various fields at hand, ready to offer the following services:

1. Rental of apartments and houses in top tourist or other areas suitable for holiday-we will accept only properties matching the required standards set by the company, guaranteeing the pleasant stay of the guests in this type of properties.
2.Repairs and refreshment of ready buildings so that the criteria set by their owners can be met and a condition suitable for rental and matching the standard requirements for the respective type of property can be achieved.
3.Furnishing of custom-made houses, apartments and buildingsat the expense of the client. The company works in partnership with leading Bulgarian and foreign companies specialized in interior design that can meet the requirements of the most fastidious clients.
4.Year-round maintenance of houses, apartments, green areas, common parts, etc. according to the wishes and requirements of their owners.
5.Security of properties at each point of the country by means of security systems or live guards depending on the requirements of the clients.
6.Administrative and accounting servicing of companies that own real estate in Bulgaria.
7.Real estate insurance– of buildings, land, equipment, facilities as well as insurance of tourists residing in the properties during their stay.

„Bulgaria Property Services” Ltd can successfully replace you and bring you in handsome income by:

- Making your property sought after and attractive
- Transforming your property so that it can become the cozy home of your dreams.
- Preparing and building all that is necessary for you to establish prosperous business in Bulgaria.
- Undertaking all small, tedious duties accompanying the life of every property owner.
- Being your future partner and reliable friend in a country where you wish to have a real home.