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Cheap Flat, Sunny Beach
A 3-bedroom apartment on auction!


Cheap Flat, Sunny Beach
A 2-bedroom apartment put to auction!


Cheap Flat, Sunny Beach
A 2-bedroom apartment put up to auction!


Our fees and commissions

Our fees and commissions

All services, which our company offers to our clients cost certain fees the amount of which is fixed. The agency is constantly striving to keep track of the demands and needs of the clients interested in purchasing properties. For this purpose we are extending the scope of our services all the time.
1. Agent’s commission – this is owed for each property purchase, realized with our help and is due as soon as the Errand Agreement for purchasing a property between the client and the agent is signed and on paying the respective deposit- the amount is  3% of the purchasing price of the property or a minimum of 500Е.

2. Company setup fee – is payable for consulting and assisting with our solicitors with regard to registering a company in Bulgaria, one of the required conditions for purchasing property with land here, according to the Bulgarian legislation – the fee is 500Е and the depositing of a share capital of  5000 BGN is required, in the account of the newly created company, which is eventually taken off the final payment for the property that is purchased or is refunded to the client.

3. Viewing costs- we suggest two variants for property viewing. One, with our company car for which the client pays the respective fee of 0.30 EUR per km, whereby if you eventually purchase one of our properties, this fee will be automatically refunded.
Two, with a rented car whereupon you will have to take our agent and a translator during the viewing.

4. Report and viewing of the condition of a specific property- the fee is 250 ЕUR + travel costs in both direction from the nearest office- this service includes preparation of a written report, photos and an expert estimation by an independent specialist of the current condition of a property, specified by the client regardless of whether it has already been purchased by them or not. This report can be used as a consultation basis for a purchase or for an evaluation of eventual repairs.

5. Search for a property by specific requirements on the territory of the whole country- - the fee for this service is 300ЕUR + travel costs to 5 properties in both directions, selected by the personal agent of the client according to detailed requirements, set by the client. This service includes detailed video for each of the properties, showing their interior and exterior, the area where they are located, including the agent’s impressions and consultation with a building specialists on necessary repairs if such are needed. Everything will be summarized in a written report.

6. Preparing a detailed description and video material- the fee is 100 EUR + travel costs that are calculated by 0.30 EUR per km in both directions. A specialist, hired by the company prepares a detailed description and shoots video of a certain property regardless of its location within the country. This service is usually very useful for clients who are unable to come personally for a viewing but are very interested in a specific property.

7. Accounting servicing- the fee for this service is 300 EUR without VAT, regardless whether the company was registered by us or not. We undertake to handle the newly created or already functioning companies, payment of taxes, submitting of annual tax returns, representing the clients before the respective State institutions in such a way that they will be regular tax payers to the State.           

8.Preliminary architectural designing – the tax varies from 150 ЕUR to 1500 ЕUR and its amount depends on the size of the building which the client wants to have designed and constructed eventually by our building teams, as well as on the location and the specific characteristics of the land.               

9. Actual designing of a private land plot- the fee is paid per sq.m. and varies depending on the size of the building and the location of the land plot, the complexity of execution of the project and includes preliminary architectural blueprints and plans that especially adapted and created by requirements specified by the client.

10. New construction – our company offers OFF PLAN PROPERTIES WITHOUT COMMISSION from the client. On purchasing more than one property, the company makes a number of discounts to its clients and assists in obtaining better conditions for them on signing the contracts with the developers of the respective properties.

11. Annual accounting servicing of companies- the annual fee is 300 EUR without VAT. Our accounting department takes care to pay all taxes for your properties, the annual concluding of your company, the submitting of annual tax returns and will represent you in front of the respective State institutions. The paperwork of your company will be kept in order so that you can be a meticulous tax payer to the State in every moment and whenever there are tax checks.                                                                                                    

12. Property Management –the fee is 500ЕUR without VAT. The management of a property is a package of additional services, which the company offers and it is an especially useful service to all clients who don’t reside permanently in the country and wish to realize profit from the properties they have purchased in Bulgaria. More information on this service you can obtain if you visit our website for property management- www.bulgariapropertyservices.com.

13. Other taxes-  depending on the condition of each property there are other related expenses: preliminary fees/ very low/ individually payable, notary fee of 5% of the price of the property, a property transfer tax, a stamp duty, etc.